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We relocated to Lampeter Mid West Wales in 2020 and our new studio is open! Our Holiday Cottages are also available if you are travelling from afar for your shoot.

See more details about our move to Wales and new studio and holiday cottages HERE or Email Zena or call us on 01570 421057.

The Boudoir Photography Experts Since 2004


You really need to experience the positive effects that a simple photoshoot can have on the way you feel about yourself! That's what our 2000+ clients tell us. It is a liberating experience and a big confidence boost seeing yourself in a different way. And it will leave you with a big smile on your face...we promise!

We don't do Fantasy Imagery or Vintage Pin-Ups - our style is modern and sensual with a bit of added sauciness. We won't make you look unrecognisable - we are about showing you how amazing you already are, not about heavy make up, hair extensions and airbrushing to show you what you could be. Our shoots do include professional make up, hair styling and magazine-quality retouching, but they are there to enhance what you already have, not transform you into something unrealistic. So our shoots really do work to make you feel better about the REAL YOU.


sensual boudoirThere are so many reasons to indulge in some gorgeous photos wearing lingerie...or less. Do it just for you to mark a special birthday or anniversary or just because you fancy pampering yourself with a confidence-boost. Or give your loved one the gift of their dreams - your beautiful portraits will blow them away and they will also benefit from your new-found sassiness and self-assurance! And that can add some extra spice to your love-life! Or why not try an intimate couples shoot to share the experience together.

Create a gorgeous ArtBook or a stunning piece of Art for your wall. Or simply have a package that includes Digital Files of your images for maximum flexibility. Our luxury designer product range is sure to have something to suit your style. And if none of our packages or products is exactly what you require, chances are we can design something to suit you. Call us on 01570 421057 or Email Zena to find out more.



Having a boudoir shoot can be a big leap of faith so you want to be sure you are in safe hands with an experienced team. We are Leigh & Zena - the founders of Mighty Boudoir and we have done every single shoot since the studio opened in 2004. We don't employ other photographers so Leigh is probably the most experienced boudoir photographer in the UK and he took all of the photos you see on our website. So you can feel secure that your images will be of the same high quality as all the pictures you see here.

We do as much or as little image retouching to your pictures as you want us to (but you won't need it when we've finished posing you perfectly!) We will airbrush away things like spots, stretch-marks and cellulite as standard (if you want us to) will have perfect skin but it will still look natural. Our professional in-house retouching is magazine-quality but you will still look like YOU in the pictures! Body-reshaping is up to you - we won't change your shape unless you ask us to but we can easily smooth lumps & bumps.

Boudoir is the only kind of photography we do - we don't shoot weddings, kids or pets - we are intimate portrait experts. You deserve the best and with us you will get exceptional personal service in a safe, supportive environment. We understand your worries, hopes and fears and will look after you throughout the whole experience and give you all the advice you need to prepare for your shoot.

Our studio is customised 100% for private shoots and we have lots of different studio sets so you can choose a style that suits you. The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed but always professional. We know you will be nervous when you arrive, but we are experts at breaking the ice and helping you to settle in. We are not a production-line studio with back-to-back appointments. You will have exclusive use of our studio and facilities for your session (including free parking right outside) so you can relax and leave your stress and worries at the door. We will photograph you in lingerie or less - the choice is always yours. Here's where you can find out more about what happens at your shoot: How our shoots work or Get in Touch Now to find out more.

Couples Boudoir


Take a Leap Outside of Your Comfort Zone!

We know all the fears that your inner voice is whispering to you when you think about booking a boudoir shoot:
I'm too nervous / I need to lose weight / I don't look good in pictures / I can't pose / I don't know what to wear / I'm not ready to do a shoot yet.
But nervous is good - it means you are stepping outside your comfort zone and you will feel awesome when the shoot is done.
You don't need to lose weight - we can do more with lighting, posing & angles than you can do with 6 months of dieting & gym.
You may not look good in pictures you've had taken previously, but we are really good at what we do so we promise we will get amazing shots of you.
You don't need to know how to pose - we direct you all the way through the shoot.
You don't need to bring much to wear, but if you do need help with lingerie we can give you lots of advice and send you web links to give you ideas.
Nobody ever feels completely ready to do a shoot - most of our clients felt just like you but afterwards they wished they had done the shoot sooner rather than wait for "The Right Time". Here's why you should Seize the Day and just do it - read our Clients' advice: CLIENT STORIES