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How Our Shoots Work

When You Need to Book Your Appointment


We recommend having your shoot at least four weeks before the date you require pictures to be ready (ideally 6 weeks if having an ArtBook or an ImageBook) although we can sometimes turn things around faster when required. We are frequently fully booked several weeks in advance, so contact us as soon as you can to find out what slots we have available. We limit the number of shoots we perform each month so that we can maintain the quality of our service. Contact us by calling 01570 421057 or email Zena to check availability.

How to Book Your Shoot

Once you have decided you would like to book a photo shoot, get in touch by email, phone us on 01570 421057 or fill in our Contact Form to check our available appointments. We just need a £200 deposit to confirm an appointment in the diary which you can pay by credit or debit card and book online here or we can send you details how to pay by bank transfer.
When we have booked your appointment in the diary we will send you some extra information to help you to prepare for your shoot including information to help you to decide which studio sets you would like to use. You need to choose either one, two or three studio sets to be photographed in (depending on which package you have booked). If you are not sure which sets to choose we can talk you through the options on the day of your shoot to help you to decide.

What Happens on the Day


If you are coming by car, we have free private parking at our studio in Lampeter on the Ceredigion / Carmarthenshire border. When you arrive we will have a chat over tea & coffee about what we will be shooting and discuss the style of images you like and the level of nudity you think you will want to work to. This is so we have a clear idea of the kind of pictures you are looking for. If you are not sure at this stage, that's fine - you can decide once you see how you feel in the studio. We always start you off wearing lingerie to get settled in and it is up to you if you want to take anything off.

Next we will go through to the studio to meet our make up artist / hair stylist who will be doing your hair & make up (if it is included in your package). She will discuss any ideas you have or suggest options to you if you are not sure. You can have a natural look or go for something more glamorous. This is your time to relax and be pampered!

After your makeover we will go through the lingerie you have brought and decide what you will be wearing (if anything!) in each studio set. You can then get changed in your private changing room adjoining the studio in complete privacy. We always start off with the easiest poses first and we will direct you all the way through the shoot - you don't have to have any experience of posing or come up with poses yourself. It is really easy and fun - but quite strenuous so you may feel like you have had a mini-workout afterwards!

As we are shooting, the images are transferred to our studio Mac so we can see them immediately. After each set of poses, we will show you the pictures we have taken so you can give us feedback and we can check you are happy. This helps to build your confidence – if you didn't get to see the pictures during the shoot you may be worried about how you are looking. By letting you see the pictures straight away you get so much more out of the shoot and you will relax much more quickly because you know you are happy with what we are shooting.

After the Shoot


At the end of your shoot we will choose one of your pictures to demonstrate our retouching techniques to you. You can then make an informed decision how much or how little "airbrushing" you want us to do. Everyone's take on the editing process is different, but most people want the images to be natural with just a bit of "polishing" to get them looking perfect. Spots, stretch marks and cellulite can all disappear and we always work on any lumps and bumps caused by lingerie. We can perfom body-reshaping, but this is up to you - we won't do it unless you ask us to as some clients want to be kept completely natural.

We then put low resolution proof files of all the images from your shoot onto a USB (memory stick) for you to take away with you or we can send you a secure link to download them if you prefer. You will have between 70 – 80 images from each studio set. You can then view them on your computer at home to make your choice of the images you want to order from your shoot. If you need to view them on a mobile or iPad rather than a laptop or desktop, we can arrange alternative methods to allow you to view your proof images. You get to view your pictures and choose the images you want to include with your package in your own time at home with no pressure or hard-sell tactics! We won't insist you come back for a " viewing session" - you don't have to come back to our studio again unless you want to pick up your book or wall-art in person.

How to Order Your Pictures


Once you have chosen your favourite pictures from your shoot, you simply need to email the list of images to us with any retouching instructions. We then retouch those images to your specifications and email you edited proof files so you can see them and approve them (and request any extra retouching if necessary) before we produce any prints, books or wall art for you. We send you three versions of each of your chosen pictures – we do a colour, a black and white and a sepia version of each of them, and you choose which you like best if you are having a printed version of your pictures. If you are just having digital files, you get all 3 versions. If you are having prints, an album or book, when it is ready, you can arrange a time to come and pick it up, or we can ship it out to you by DPD next day delivery (postage is charged at cost price).